Electric and Remote Access Gates

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Electric and remote access gates are a necessity in many commercial situations. Every commercial and residential gate installation is a custom project. At A1 Fence of Burbank, we understand there are numerous variables for the type of electric gate your business needs.

Automatic Gates

We install automatic gates in a variety of commercial residential applications.  They are typically installed for added security to your home or business and will reduce foot traffic. However, they are designed to let all vehicle traffic in.  Automatic gate installations are perfect for apartment complexes, residential homes and service based companies with a lot of vehicle traffic entering and exiting. Automatic gates have a variety of sensors that to recognize when a vehicle approaches and then opens automatically. Response time and open/close speed are all part of the pricing options.  

Remote Access Gates

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Access is the key when choosing the right electric gate for your situation. Remote access gates are just that - gates that are opened or closed remotely. These mechanisms include a variety of triggers.

There are several common choices for triggering your electric gates.  One option is the vehicle remote.  A second option is a computer based remote that opens the gate from inside your building or even from around the world.  A third option is the code entry opener.  

With so many options, give A1 Fence Company of Burbank a call and our fence contractor can setup an appointment to give you our professional advice on the type of remote access gate system appropriate for your application. 

Give us a call at 818-351-2364, and we will put together a free quote for your project.

Electric Swinging Gates

Another option for your electric or remote access gate is the swinging electric gate. These are great for situations with little horizontal space for a sliding gate. Electric swinging gates are installed with the same triggering mechanisms available for sliding gates.

No matter the style of electric gate, or whether it is installed at your home or business, A1 Fence Company Of Burbank is committed to providing the solution you need.  And we travel throughout the North Los Angeles area.  We serve Burbank, North Hollywood, Glendale, Pasadena and into the San Fernando Valley. We offer a variety of options at a variety of price-points to fit your budget.  We hope you will give us a chance to meet or exceed your expectations for quality and customer service!